6 SEO Trends for 2017 will continue in 2018

That Google will continue to change our conditions this year is probably no daring guess. The question is only in what ways. Here’s our review of the...

SEO 2018

That Google will continue to change our conditions this year is probably no daring guess. The question is only in what ways. Here’s our review of the most important thing we think happens in Google in 2018!

More focus on HTTPS 

Google wants as many websites as possible to use encrypted transfer, known as https . It gives Google exclusive rights to a lot of search data, a huge value as they are also the champion to beat coins.

Sites that do not run HTTPS will be labeled as dangerous in search results, and it is clear that many Internet users would rather click on a “safe” link. HTTPS is a change that requires some technical expertise by the site owner, and it may be hard against, for example, single bloggers.

That Google has not already printed the harsher requirements for HTTPS that have been flagged for a while is that they first needed to highlight the focus on web pages that load fast (see below). Google had to respond to Facebook’s Instant Articles that came in 2015, and Google’s response is  AMP, accelerated mobile pages.

Quick pages are premiered

Google page speed

Last year, Google focused hard on mobile searches. The launch of  AMP (see above) and its own search index for mobile searches are the results of this. One factor that is extra important on mobile devices is that the page loads quickly, and this will be central during the year to come. More companies will see a value in working for better charging times for their websites, and add resources to it.


Adwords is growing

Adwords is growing in all aspects. Improved features like the ditect text message to advertiser mobile phone, Improved mobile Ads features etc., Adwords is highly recommended for new startup sites needes instant traffic and sales. Adwords management consultants are defining new strategies to promote their clients.


Real-time becomes a hot potato

Google has traditionally not been the best to showcase what is happening in the world right now. Here, different social sites have come farther, perhaps primarily Twitter where important events tend to generate real explosions of a related tweet.

However, Google is working to eat up the gap, and we know Google likes to eat. Efforts to improve algorithms and more powerful technologies are part of this, but a real radical approach would be to buy Twitter. Why not!

With falling valuation for shares in the technology industry and falling interest rates after Trump’s access, it does not even have to be as expensive as it could have been. Something against?


Local search revenue stays with Google

Last year, Google tested the US to place ads inside the pack of local search results, and now it’s time to roll out this feature in the rest of the world. Because just under half of all Google searches are about local stores, craftsmen, and so on, it’s really real amounts that can be re-directed.

In addition, local search results will be able to provide answers to more complex local searches, such as “Västerås company that can cook refrigerators without waiting time”. This reduces the user’s need to click on to a content page that loses a (potential) revenue.

A new first place is opened in the organic search.

More often, at the top of the search results, see a box with a summary of what you wondered when entering your search. It is called selected information, or simple fact box. It is information that has been scraped algorithmically from a content page containing appropriate content.

The box also contains a link to the original page, so you can actually get ahead of the organic first place without having to buy the ad space.

Take a palette in the fact box by doing on your website giving concrete and clear answers to questions like “what”, “how” and “when”. This is, in other words, an easy way to quickly take a top position for important search terms and get an additional addition of visitors to the site. The struggle for the factories will be tough as more and more publicists realize their value.

Search results get more video

Facebook gives Google a great match when it comes to video. Google needs to respond to the challenge of losing advertisers. Therefore, the search results will contain more and more video clips. And in this case, it’s not because the users have asked for it.

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6 SEO Trends for 2017 will continue in 2018

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