Better conversion without slideshow

Slideshow on the home is bad for the conversion. Despite the existence of the very often in e-commerce. But then why, and how can one...

Slideshow on the home is bad for the conversion. Despite the existence of the very often in e-commerce. But then why, and how can one think instead?


The slider is placed in the middle of the spotlight on the website. the rotating animation attracts attention and can fit several messages on the best exposure location. (In addition, the store looks a little cooler out!) Slideshow sounds like the ideal setting to present information. Polls and surveys, however, say that the slide creates a poor user experience and reduces the conversion. Learn how to Improve Site Performance to Increase Traffic And Conversions.

To see, yet not

The eye is drawn to movement. This sounds good because you want the visitor to see the slideshow. But to register the movement is not the same as seeing and absorbing content. Most users will want to record a show, but not what is there.

Most Internet users also have “banner blindness”. Because of the frequent advertising in the slideshow, most learned to ignore the slide, especially if the images look advantageous advertising-out.

Slide is difficult to read

It is impossible to find a perfect time interval. Is it too short time visitor does not read clearly but is it too far will the visitor find something else to focus on. To read slideshow forced the user scroll back and forth. Test yourself how hard it is to .

Slide takes the focus off target

If the visitor already found something else interesting will show disturbing visitor. More concentration is needed not to lose focus. Consumption of concentration creates frustration and dissatisfaction that goes out of the shop. Instead of helping the store is irritating and annoying!

Slide sugar downside

A visitors judge a store in seconds. All time is precious, do not waste it on to download unnecessary images. Statistically, only some of the visitors click on the slideshow, and of those, most will click on the first image. Picture 2 onwards will be wasted for almost all visitors.

What to do instead?

The visitor does not need to be lured into the street – the visitor is already in the store! And the visitor has chosen to click there for a reason . To convert the visitor into a customer needs to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find the right product.

See why one (and only one) full-width image at a time. In the Webshop do this by simply adding a single picture in the slideshow. In theme fabric, one may also use a “showcase”. Think carefully about what is most important to your store right now, and put all the focus on it. If you can not decide for a picture, change the picture every day or week, instead of using all the time. (If you have many orders, you might see the number of orders which works best!). Then focus on having clear and easy to read the article and article group names, so customers can easily find products through the menu and search.

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Better conversion without slideshow

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