Remarketing with Google Analytics Guide

Today I’ll show you an easy way to reconnect to visitors who visited your web shop using the remarketing feature in Google Analytics. The reason...

remarketing guide

Today I’ll show you an easy way to reconnect to visitors who visited your web shop using the remarketing feature in Google Analytics.

Remarketing guide

The reason why Google Analytics is so good to create remarketing lists is that it allows you to create lists based on actual visitor data. Whether it’s about a specific visit behavior, location, abandoned shopping carts or sales to customers who actually already have converted. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and knowledge of Google Analytics.

What is remarketing?

Let’s look a little closer at what remarketing is and how we can use this function to increase the sales of our goods.

A visitor comes to your web shop

Here they begin to examine your range of products, some add items to the cart, others choose to complete the purchase altogether.

No matter what visitors do in your webshop, Google Analytics up this data and gives you the ability to analyse and segment based on what your visitors are doing, or where they are located.

The visitor leaves your webshop

After the visitor left your web shop whether they made a purchase or merely looked around, we have information about this in analytics. Based on this information   we create remarketing lists directly in Google Analytics, we can then share with Google AdWords.

Using Adwords, we can then create a remarketing campaign targeted only to those who previously visited your web shop and meet the demands you put on the segmentation of your target market.

If you decided to track your visitors with the help of events and goals, you might decide to display an advertisement (both in display or search), based on these goals or milestones. It could be to reconnect to a customer who put a product in the shopping cart but not completing the purchase, or it can be to up-sell to those who have already bought something. That said, it’s only your imagination that sets the limits.

Step by step – Remarketing with Google Analytics

Getting Started with Remarketing is simple. Follow my guide step by step so you will be up and running soon.

1. Make sure you have both a Google Analytics account and a Google Adwords account.

In order to work with remarketing, you are required to have both a Google Analytics account and a Google Adwords account. Then, these two be linked.

Since this is a more advanced feature of Google, I will assume that you already use up among both Analytics and Adwords.

2. Enable Remarketing in Google Analytics

Remarketing data is not collected automatically in Google Analytics, but it’s something we have to activate manually. We do this in our admin interface for our analytics account.
In the main menu within Google Analytics, click Admin , and then underProperty , choose Tracking info since the data collection .
Here, enable remarketing and advertising reporting features . This allows Google Analytics in addition to collect data about visitors to the page, also collects data that can be used to create remarketing lists for display and search.

As simple as that. You no longer need to update your code to work with remarketing.

activate remarketing

3. Enable remarketing for audiences

In the next step, we want to enable remarketing for audiences that we want in our campaigns for remarketing.

Go to the main menu within Google Analytics, click Admin , and then underProperty , choose Remarketing .

remarketing audience target

Here you select Audience (audience) and click  Link Adwords.

When you click on Link Account, you will see which Adwords account to be linked (provided you use the same Gmail account for both AdWords and Analytics).

It is just to select the account you want to link. Then just select the view you want to link to and then select Link account. Since the link is complete.

Remember that you can always see what products you link by clicking on theAdmin -> Property -> AdWords Linking.

4. Create your first remarketing list

When the link is complete, go back to  the Admin  ->  Property  -> Remarketing -> Audience . Here you select your linked account and then Enable Remarketing .

You can now start creating remarketing lists and Google Analytics is proposing an initial list covering all visitors. This need obviously not used but you can begin to define your own target yourself once.   The more knowledge you have within Google Analytics, the easier it will be to create segments and create target groups for using the remarketing.

An example would be to segment all visitors who come in organically on the site, but that did not implement any goal (ie not converted), but who have visited more than one page.

remarketing installation

Whatever you choose to define your target groups at the ends, just to save you and your first remarketing list is complete.

5. From Google Analytics, Google Adwords

Now that your list is created, we want to use it in Adwords to reconnect to visitors who do not convert, ie have not met a goal (or whatever you have chosen the parameters of your list).

To do that, we must open our Google Adwords . Here, go to the  Shared Library  (shared libraries) in the left menu and then audiences.  Here you see that your list that you created in your Google Analytics now also available in Adwords. You also have the possibility to create new ones directly in Adwords, but the advantage of creating remarketing lists in Analytics is that you can start from all of your analytics data you collect.

6. Create a campaign and use your new target

One thing that Google has made really great is that you can now choose whether you want to use your remarketing list in the Search Network, Display Network, or both. Before it was only possible to use it in the display.It does not differ so much in how to create campaigns, so in this post, I will focus on the Display Network, which is the ads that appear on other websites and not the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Create a campaign and select Display.  When you choose how you want to target your ads, choose Interests and remarketing (market audiences).

After that, select Remarketing lists and your newly created list.

Then just select which keywords you want visitors to use to find the pages you want your ad to appear.

Congratulations! You are now started with remarketing through Google Analytics and Google Adwords! Good luck!

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Remarketing with Google Analytics Guide

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