Search optimisation – tactics for link building

Are you active in the search optimization is of utmost importance that you know how to build links and ways to build links on –...

Are you active in the search optimization is of utmost importance that you know how to build links and ways to build links on – there are many?
Here we will list some of the most powerful ways to get free links to. Bear in mind that search engine optimization is changing and that its rules are constantly changing. What works today may not work tomorrow, or maybe by Google is considered spam.

Link building tips 2017


Create a Blog

Setting up a blog, write texts and link out to other sites is the most common form of search optimization. As always, the quality of the material here is of utmost importance. SEO will not build for Google, but for the visitors. Make sure your site has a so-called RSS feed.


Ask others for links

Not infrequently in search engine optimisation pray to a different SEOs on a link, and unless otherwise might be changing or even pay for it.


  • Do you have customers? Ask if they want to link to your page.
  • Friends and familiars; they have websites?
  • Write to other blogs on the same subject and ask if they want to write about your site / product.

Keep in mind that a link is often much more valuable if it comes from a page whose subject is related to your own. A link from a site about cars on baking cakes means less than a ditto from one side of the bread makers.


Spying on your competitors

One of the most important elements of search optimization is your competitor analysis. Where do they get their links and how they got them?


Include your site in directories

A common way to obtain links is through so-called “directories” directories with links to different pages.Unfortunately, there are very few Swedish directories of better quality. Are you serious about their search optimisation can, however, try to get their side included in Dmoz (link), which is difficult?


Press Releases

In press releases can often include one or two links about your company or product. Google, however, becomes more and more strict regarding active link building and this method is the last to have been put on the foot.


Article Pages

Abroad it is common to article directories and some of the larger, eg ezine articles, contains hundreds of thousands of articles about everything between heaven and earth. The idea is to write an article on the topic which you search engine optimize for, to thereby obtain links. As with press releases do not see Google not to this kindly. The number of Swedish article directories is also very few.



Submitting infographics is the one of the wise tactics in link building. Here below you can see infographic model from Intouch Data Hotel management software.


Guest Author

Another common way to gain links on. The idea is that you write an article and publish it on someone else’s site, such as a blog. As a thank, you get to include some links to its own page in the text. Search optimization is a tough business, which resulted in thousands of blogs exclusively with the intent to sell guest records were created. During 2013-2014, however, put Google, as usual, P for the latter. Guest blogging is still effective if done in moderation, on relevant pages with high-quality material.


Search optimization in Google – take your business to a higher level

If you want to bring a steady stream of free traffic from search engines, you should consider investing in search engine optimization. Fortunately, no matter what you may have heard before, do not need to search optimization cost you the shirt. Moreover, it is so that you because you make money on search engine optimization, do not necessarily need to settle for low quality. In fact, if you spend time trying to find the cheapest provider, you might expose your website to risk. Why? Google has been dealing with search engine spam and endeavoring to punish the pages that use foam link building. You must be careful with what service provider you do business with, and should, therefore, bear this in mind when looking for the right supplier.


About Search optimization (SEO)

More and more companies are becoming aware of the SEO every day and the competition is tough when you want to market themselves in this way. Hence, it is beneficial to hire an experienced SEO consultant that performs SEO.

When SEO tailored to the content on their own website so that search engines will consider that just one’s own website is the best and most relevant results for the keyword being searched. It is common to use one or more keywords. These are often used on the website and usually at the beginning of the text. When search engine optimization came for the first time it was common for webmasters manipulated content using the most popular keywords. These need not then be relevant to the website and it was common for the front page, a website with keywords only.

The fact is that most companies today can not afford to wait for search engines to highlight their particular website. The benefit of SEO is the fact that customers who use that particular keyword you have chosen for your website is already potential customers. They are already interested in your product and the only thing you need to do then is to present it in a good way, advertise it on the website and convince them that your product is better than the competition.

If you take the help of an SEO consultant to get the customers to find your website you need then just focus on selling. Many companies have realized the profitability of this type of marketing and it is not without reason that this produces results.

There is also a greater merit to rank in the most relevant search results than, for example, pay for Adwords, ie PPC. More customers will find to your business if you are considered one of the best, rather than if you paid for an ad. Any business can pay for an ad, but it’s less that can really perform when it matters. If your company end up among the top results from a search engine’s results will be more potential customers to believe that your website is trustworthy.

Here is the attractive explanation of what considered under Digital Marketing and SEO


A to Z Digital Marketing

From Visually.


On Page Search optimization


On page search, optimisation means the search optimization is done directly on the intended web page that would appear higher on the search engine among the results. If you are a little knowledgeable in the field can do search optimization on the page yourself. This fact requires no knowledge of HTML codes and computer programming, even if it is obviously an advantage. There are various ways of search engine optimization on one’s own website. The most common are that it highlights the keywords you want your potential customers to find. These are called keywords, and if you use them early in the text several times, even several search engines to rank as the current page.

One should not use keywords that are not relevant to the offering when you ultimately do not win on this but on the contrary, has a lower degree of reliability from various search engines. You should, therefore, ensure that the keywords you use are relevant to the services or products that you sell. For example, use “cat” as keywords when you’re selling cars are not a relevant keyword, even if it is a popular search that generates a wide audience. Since then the customer is not interested in cars at the moment, but the cats will quickly click through and you will not derive any benefit from that keyword in the end.

If instead, you are using the keyword “watches” when you sell jewelry is a more beneficial solution for both you and the customer. Then the customer can see the watches you possibly can fit in with their taste, while they can take some of your second choices.

It is advantageous to use a variety of keywords, but it is only to your disadvantage and customer to make use of irrelevant keywords. If you do not have a well-established site, you can start a collaboration with several other pages to create a link building. This raises your so-called “trust rate” and the search engines will see you as more reliable, that is, how many other pages linking to you and which pages instead you link to.

It is difficult today to search optimize than it was when the search engines first appeared. Hence it can be good to hire a web agency that has talented SEO consultants who manage this for one. In fact, the Internet is a global, ever-growing business, and that the companies that appear on the Internet have significantly higher annual sales than the companies that have not yet taken the plunge. Today, many web agencies commission based and you pay only for the days and the hours that you are among the top results.

Reaching out to a wide audience through SEO is beneficial when half the work is already done. The customers who are looking for your products are already interested and you just need to make sure they find you and offer products in a professional and welcoming way that knocks out your competitors. This may be easier said than done. The fact is that the companies that make use of SEO is generally very satisfied.



Off Page Search optimisation


Search Engine optimisation refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in search engine results page. Many people associate the search optimization, off-page with link building, but it’s not just that.In general, search optimization Off Page to do with the promotion techniques beyond the web, to rank a site higher in search results.

A search optimization is a term used to describe a set of processes aimed at optimizing a website for search engines. This function is important not only to have a high number of visitors, but it is also a way to increase the credibility of a website and to increase brand awareness.

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which pages to include in their index and the order in which they display these pages in search results. That’s the way to be able to tell the search engines, in a language they can understand and give them more information about a site.

Unlike search optimization On page refers to off-page business functions outside the boundaries of the web page. Search engines have for decades tried to find a way to return the best result to the applicant. A search optimization gives a very good indication of how the outside world (other websites and users), perceive a certain website. A site that is useful is more prone to have references (links) from other websites. It is more likely to be mentioned on social media (be liked on Facebook, attracted attention on twitter and more), and that gets bookmarked and shared among communities of like-minded users.

A successful search optimization with an off-site strategy will generate the following benefits for website owners, that is, to get a boost in the rankings, which means that the website will rank higher, which in turn means more traffic. Another advantage is the increase in lateral ranking which is a number between 0 and 10, which indicates the importance of a website in the eyes of Google.

It is the system invented by Larry Page (Google co-founder) and one of the reasons that Google was so successful in showing the most relevant results to the applicant. Side Ranking today is just one of the 250 factors that Google uses to rank sites. You also get more exposure, since higher rankings also mean greater exposure when a website is ranked in the top positions. This makes it more links, more visits and more social media said. It’s like a never-ending sequence of events where one thing leads to another.

Social media is part of the search optimization, off-site and there is also a form of link building. It should be noted that almost all the links that you get from social media links that you can not follow, but it mean they have no value.

Off-page-search optimization is as important as that On-page. If you want your search engine campaigns to be successful, you must use both of them. When you think about link building should not take the easy way, but try to get links from difficult places. The more difficult a link is getting, the more value it has. In the past, one could easily get thousands of links and rank higher, but now you have to do more than that.

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Search optimisation – tactics for link building

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