Timeless Content – The Perfect Link Bait

Timeless content is content that will continue to generate traffic to your website – month after month and year after year. It is content that...

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Timeless content is content that will continue to generate traffic to your website – month
after month and year after year. It is content that does not age with every new trend emerging
or change because of a change in the news cycle. People will always be looking for
timeless content, and therefore will always have visitors to your site. Timeless content can
include articles or blog posts such as “How do you clean your garage in the best way?” Or “How to
change the oil in your car?”. What you write today may continue to generate internet traffic to your site even
for 15 years. Example ::

Want to know how to have the best-looking lawn in the street?
Published at Coolabah turf blog.

timeless content
Here we offer you 7 great tips on how to write timeless content.
First Arrange your content as a “list”, “tips” or “frequently asked questions”

Articles such as “The best x tips to get a girlfriend” or “x ways to get a job”
will always find an audience. You can also present your article in the form of “frequently asked questions” in order
to make it simple and to make information easily accessible.


2. Make your content attractive and readable

Use clear  English. With correct grammar,
never use slang words and make sure your content is professional without it for the
sake of it becomes boring. Try to make the content fun, add a joke or two.


3. Include step-by-step instructions
If your content is a “how to” guide, such as “How do you replace your hard drive” to make sure you
present the information in a step-by-step format that begins with the basic
information and which then gradually increases in complexity. Be patient with your readers,
assuming that they do not know anything at all and that they start from scratch.


4th Find an interesting, timeless topic that is not discussed as much
, this is usually the most difficult part. Find a good topic that will be
of interest to Internet surfers and even though it was written about a lot so try to make your
text differently by putting your own spin on it, to explore a niche area within
the subject.


5. Expand the information in the content already dealt with by the pages of high trust
If you discover a timeless topic that they know a lot about already have been addressed by
about.com or seohacker.com or similar top-ranked site, examine how you
can improve your content and make it more comprehensive. If other websites have “5 Ways
to ..” then does your content to “10 Ways to ..” or “20 tips for ..”


6. Use internal links and link several related articles to the main article
if you write about a big topic so split your content into multiple articles and linking
them internally to the main article, which then serves as an introduction to the topic. This
means that the topic is easy to take in so that the reader does not get overwhelmed by
too much information.


7th Update your content regularly timeless

Despite the fact that your content is timeless, it is very likely that new information on the subject
emerges every few months that could add value and make
it more relevant. You should include any new information, and ensure that your content is always
up to date with the very latest.

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Timeless Content – The Perfect Link Bait

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